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Who We Are

Vision: To cultivate, enrich, and challenge today’s students with Christ- centered character through excellence, compassion, leadership, and service.

Purpose: To equip young hearts and minds utilizing intentional curriculum created to provide critical thinking and creativity with a Biblical world-view, while assisting parents in equipping joyous, lifelong learners.

Curriculum | Registration | Tuition

Enrolling for Fall 2023

Beginning August 1, 2023, on Tuesdays and Thursdays


Three Oaks Academy will supplement home school lessons

with tutorials and enrichment two days per week. Schedule will follow Sumner County School’s Calendar.

Registration Fee:  

$75 per student per year

$50 per each additional sibling


Kindergarten – 8th $2900 per student per year

$290 a month (Aug-May)

Curriculum - ABEKA

*Provided by the parents

Print and fill out your forms, then scan the completed form and email to

Registration Form

Prices Form

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