What is Kids To Go?


Kids To Go is a fun, dynamic kids ministry that uses interactive activities and engaging illustrations to help give your child the best church experience possible.

We want to make it an exciting time for your child while learning biblical truths, memory verses and life applications in every service. Not only is it our goal for your child to have an exceptional learning experience, we also want to equip you with resources to make discipleship more than just a Sunday event. We provide you, the parents, with Parent Cues and a website (Parent Portal) that gives you access to great ways to easily continue the lesson at home. As your child leaves each Sunday, we will provide you with a packet of activities for each day of the week and also include "Dinner Questions" to engage with your child around the dinner table and create meaningful dialogue and teachable moments.

The Kids To Go Leaders are committed to making your child feel welcome and engaged. This is not just an average kid's church service. This is an experience that your child can get excited about and share with their friends.


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