Our heart is to build on our heritage, not to abandon it. People from all denominations can feel welcomed and belong at our church. Regardless of the Church background any person may have, or lack thereof, here at Three Oaks Church everyone first belongs. As God touches their lives they will then believe and behave according to the word of God.


We don't believe that God is looking for reasons to exclude people; His nature is to include people and the best common ground we all have is the fact that we believe in Jesus. We believe in what He did for us and we love Him with everything we have. Our Worship Services are what best demonstrates this part of our vision.


To help you fulfill our God-given destiny. How do we do it? We have divided our vision into four areas.


Building families have been one of the top priorities at Three Oaks since we started. We believe that a strong church is measured by the strength of the families that form that church. We offer a number of ministries geared to strengthen families and the relationships between families. 


Transforming Communities is the reason we exist. When our pastors opened Three Oaks, their heart was to transform our communities. We believe we do that by exercising goodness, generosity, and love to those outside of the church through various outreaches.